One of Tassie’s Finest Golf Courses

The Tam O’Shanter Golf & Community Club was developed after consultation and involvement of a local land owner wishing to assist in a sub-division development. The first idea was floated in February 1991 and then followed a typical process of committee forming, Club raising and naming and setting a Constitution.  Lastly, a dedicated band of resident volunteers (including friends, families and local golf legend Bill Husband) designed, cut, slashed, graded, mounded and generally shaped the outline of what has become one of Tassie’s finest nine-hole golf courses.

The clubhouse provides a relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance, perfect for both business functions and social gatherings. Boasting a fully licensed bar and expansive banquet facilities accommodating up to eighty guests with ease, it stands out as an exceptional choice for weddings, parties, and various special events. Furthermore, we extend a cordial invitation to the public every Friday and Saturday evening, featuring a tempting menu of freshly prepared bistro-style meals. Additionally, on Saturday afternoons, patrons can indulge in bar-style lunches. For a delightful dining experience, join Mel and Matthew from We Fine Catering.

Please note, visitors are required to pay green fees, which are currently set at $20.00 per day for adults and $5.00 per day for juniors.

Responding to the evolving needs of our community:

As our community continues to evolve, the role of individuals, family groups, and local organizations becomes increasingly pivotal in providing resources and facilities for various events and activities. At Tam O’Shanter Golf & Community Club, we recognize the growing demands placed on our resources and facilities, prompting us to seek wider support and involvement from within our community.

Our community boasts a rich diversity of talents and expertise, yet often, the potential of volunteers remains untapped until they are asked to contribute. From areas spanning Hospitality to Engineering, and from Entertainment to Agriculture, our community harbors a wealth of knowledge and skills waiting to be utilized.

We envision the formation of a dedicated group comprising existing association members and new volunteers, who can come together for special events and functions, lending their support and expertise when needed.

If you are interested in embracing this opportunity, we encourage you to reach out to us at the club via phone at 0413 905 082 or preferably through email at Please include a brief overview of how you believe you can contribute.

We appreciate your consideration of our request. Remember, the rewards of volunteering and contributing to our local community are manifold. Let us unite to nurture community pride and spirit together.

Warm regards,

The Committee

About Tam O'Shanter Golf, Community Club & Course

Each nine holes have three par threes, four par fours and two par fives.