The 8th fairway in the early 90's

The 9th Tee early 90's

First stage of the Clubroom

Stage 2 of the Clubroom

The 3rd Green in the 2000's

Up goes Stage 3 of the Clubrooms

Clubrooms in 2001

Tam O’Shanter Golf Club Inc. – First Decade

In 1991, Tam O’Shanter Golf Club began with 22 individuals, led by Keith McLauchlan, proposing to form a club on leased land. Initial discussions set membership fees at $50 per person, aiming for around 30 members, along with green fees. Marlene Potocky-Pacay became the first President in 1991. Meetings ensued, focusing on lease terms, membership, and course development. Working bees tackled clearing and maintenance tasks, supported by volunteers like Eric Genders and Aileen Peck.

The club’s incorporation, AGM, and fee structures were established in 1991. Fundraising initiatives, including raffles and social events, boosted finances. Contributions from members like Max Cummin and donations from local businesses helped sustain the club. Notable milestones included the construction of the clubhouse’s first stage in 1994, with subsequent stages in progress. Significant events, such as a Champagne Breakfast and Easter Raffle, further bolstered the club’s funds.

Throughout the mid to late 90s, expansions and improvements continued, including landscaping efforts by Elizabeth Price and course enhancements led by Kel Price. Volunteers played a vital role in various projects, from building bridges to maintaining greens. Operational changes, like implementing a stock-take system and introducing counter meals, enhanced club management.

By the end of the decade, the club had made substantial progress, including paying off its mortgage, expanding its facilities, and engaging members through social events and fundraisers. Acknowledgments were made to key contributors, highlighting the collaborative effort that shaped the club’s first decade. Looking ahead, the club remained reliant on volunteer support to sustain its growth and operations.