Our Amazing Volunteers

The volunteers at Tam O’Shanter Golf Club exemplify dedication and passion in every task they undertake, from ensuring the smooth operation of events to maintaining the pristine condition of the course. Their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment enhance the experience for every member and visitor, embodying the true spirit of community and camaraderie. With their friendly smiles and proactive approach, they create a welcoming atmosphere that truly sets Tam O’Shanter apart. Their contributions are invaluable, and their hard work is deeply appreciated by all who enjoy the club’s facilities

Love our little tractor

Greame is the backbone of efficiency at Tam O’Shanter Golf Club, expertly handling the tractor with skill and finesse. Whether grooming fairways, transporting equipment, or tackling major landscaping projects, Greame’s expertise shines through in every task he undertakes. His diligent approach and meticulous attention to detail ensure that the grounds are not only well-maintained but also aesthetically pleasing. Beyond his technical prowess, Greame’s friendly demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile make him a cherished member of the club community. His contributions are integral to the smooth operation and pristine appearance of Tam O’Shanter, earning him the admiration and gratitude of all who enjoy the course.

Off to work we go

Steve is the unsung hero of the Tam O’Shanter Golf Club, effortlessly maneuvering the lawn mower across acres of verdant greens, ensuring each blade of grass is perfectly trimmed. His precision and dedication are evident in the immaculate landscapes that greet golfers every day. Steve’s cheerful demeanor and meticulous work ethic make him a cornerstone of the club’s maintenance team, embodying professionalism and passion in every pass of the mower. His commitment to excellence ensures that Tam O’Shanter maintains its reputation as a pristine and picturesque golfing paradise.Off to work we go

Rake in hand

Robyn brings a nurturing touch to the grounds of Tam O’Shanter Golf Club, where her passion for gardening and meticulous care shine brightly. With a rake in hand, she meticulously tends to every corner of the club’s gardens and flower beds, ensuring they bloom vibrantly throughout the seasons. Her green thumb and attention to detail are evident in the lush and inviting landscapes that adorn the course. Robyn’s dedication extends beyond mere maintenance; she creates inviting spaces that enhance the overall ambiance of the club, making it a place of natural beauty and tranquility for members and guests alike. Her commitment to excellence and love for gardening make her an indispensable part of the Tam O’Shanter community, where her efforts are truly appreciated by all who enjoy the serene surroundings she helps cultivate.


Roger embodies versatility and reliability as the 2IC, carpenter, and handyman at Tam O’Shanter Golf Club. His role goes beyond titles; he is the go-to person for ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Whether it’s overseeing operations, crafting custom fixtures, or swiftly addressing maintenance needs, Roger’s expertise and dedication are second to none. His carpentry skills bring craftsmanship and durability to every project, enhancing the club’s facilities with precision and care. Beyond his technical prowess, Roger’s approachable nature and willingness to assist make him a trusted resource for both staff and members alike. His contributions as a multitasking professional elevate the club’s standards, ensuring a welcoming and well-maintained environment for all who visit Tam O’Shanter.

Touch of magic

David and Greame showcase their exceptional teamwork and craftsmanship as they diligently work together to fix a doorway at Tam O’Shanter Golf Club. With precision and expertise, they assess the problem, meticulously plan their approach, and execute the repair with finesse. David’s attention to detail ensures that every component fits perfectly, while Greame’s technical know-how ensures structural integrity. Their collaborative efforts not only resolve the issue efficiently but also showcase their dedication to maintaining the club’s facilities at the highest standards. Their camaraderie and professionalism shine through in every task they undertake, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and ensuring that members and guests can continue to enjoy a seamless experience at Tam O’Shanter.

Ground crew

Chris and Ross form an indispensable part of the ground crew at Tam O’Shanter Golf Club, where their hard work and dedication keep the course pristine and playable year-round. As key members of the team, they tackle a wide range of tasks with efficiency and enthusiasm, from mowing fairways to maintaining bunkers and tee boxes. Chris’s meticulous approach ensures every detail is perfect, while Ross’s expertise in equipment operation keeps operations running smoothly. Together, they embody teamwork and reliability, working tirelessly to uphold the club’s high standards. Their commitment to maintaining optimal playing conditions enhances the overall experience for golfers, making Tam O’Shanter a preferred destination for enthusiasts. Their contributions are truly valued, as they continue to elevate the club’s reputation with their passion for groundskeeping excellence.

Water Man

Kim plays a pivotal role in our organization by meticulously managing our watering system. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for horticulture, Kim ensures that every plant receives the precise amount of water needed to thrive. Their dedication to efficiency and sustainability is evident in how they monitor and adjust the system, always striving to minimize water usage while maximizing plant health. Kim’s expertise not only keeps our green spaces vibrant but also contributes significantly to our commitment to environmental stewardship. We are grateful for Kim’s diligent efforts, which play a crucial part in maintaining our beautiful landscape and promoting a sustainable future.

Billy 'Bloody' Beck

Billy ‘Bloody’ Beck brings boundless energy and unparalleled determination to every task he undertakes. With the vigor of ten men, Billy fearlessly tackles challenges and embraces opportunities with enthusiasm and vigor. His relentless drive and can-do attitude make him a powerhouse in our organization, capable of achieving extraordinary feats. Whether it’s taking on complex projects, motivating teams, or overcoming obstacles, Billy’s remarkable energy and indomitable spirit inspire those around him. We are fortunate to have Billy ‘Bloody’ Beck as a driving force, propelling us forward and making the impossible seem achievable.