Due to the present circumstances that are affecting the whole community and of course the Club it seems appropriate that we present an update of the current situation.

As mentioned at the AGM we are approaching our 30th anniversary and it is apparent that any celebrations will have to be delayed. Over the last 30 years we have witnessed the 9/11 Attacks. Two Gulf Wars, the GFC, floods, droughts and any amount of setbacks not including a Kevin Best Monthly Medal. But nothing compares to the disruption caused by this Corona Virus with the necessary restrictions on every facet of business and personal life. No one knows how long it will take before life returns to some semblance of normality but in this case we have no control over our own destiny and we can only be guided by the Premier of our fair State and hope and trust that with measures in place and any that needs to be employed will get us through.

I believe we need to adopt some priorities as we navigate the current situation.

We need to support our caterers Melissa and Matthew of WE Fine Catering as they adjust to a full TakeAway service in the place of their Friday night meals and Saturday lunches. They are an integral part of the Community’s social and dining part of the Club and need to remain viable till we return to normal service. This will require access to the club for both them and their customers and for promotion of their services and at all times abiding by the ‘social distancing’ guidelines

The course needs to be kept in top shape for the resumption of play. So Roger and the crew need to be encouraged to continue work and maintenance and maybe tackle some jobs that have been in the wings. If you can help please contact Roger

The club is closed but not the course, I can’t see anything to stop 2 Members Playing a Round for their ‘exercise’ as per the State Government and Golf Australia guidelines.

We do not know how long restrictions will last but this report is to try and keep the membership informed and to stress that without continued support we can’t guarantee our futures.

As the Financial Report presented at the AGM shows we are in reasonable shape as we were currently trading but had not budgeted for the shutdown which has reduced our trading income to NIL but our fixed expenses will continue.

As you are aware you have either received or have now received your annual subscription for a service that you can’t utilise, but in the history of the Club if ever we have required your financial and moral support it is now, So your remittance with appropriate notification would be really appreciated. We are also aware some members may be caught up in this crisis and will find it difficult and so please contact the Treasurer 0439144994 to discuss any way we can help keeping you involved.

Thank you for support and trust we can all get through together.

Kevin President